WTS Quafe Skin Set

Currently have 3 sets of Quafe ship skins and depending on offers, im considering selling a set.

1 set consists of the following permanent skins :-

1x Catalyst Quafe skin
1x Dominix Quafe skin
1x Hyperion Quafe skin
1x Megathron Quafe skin
1x nyx Quafe skin
1x Obelisk Quafe skin
1x Thanatos Quafe skin
1x Tristan Quafe skin
1x Vexor Quafe skin

Currently on a break so not logged in much atm but will check thread/msgs over the next few days.

Skins currently in a HS station

I am interested in a set. Can you let me know how much you are looking to get for a set?

Always loved the Quafe skins. Not sure what you’re looking for, but i’d offer you 15b for a set to start you off

I would be interested in the Obelisk Quafe skin. Do you sell it solo?

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