WTS Special Edition Ships Collection

WTS the following ships,
InterBus Shuttle
Miasmos Amastris Edition
Miasmos Quafe Ultra Edition

Open to offers
Discount for the bundle

Daily Bump !

Daily Bump !

Daily Bump !

Daily Bump !

15bil offer since no one is offering

How much for the echo my friend?

Hi Echo 3b or best offer

Theres 4 of them in jita right now 1.8 bil each

Are they still available or was the above a necro post of a done deal?

Yes most of them are still available but unfortunately I am busy for the holidays to check current prices
I think I sold the interbus shuttle but can’t check at the moment

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First of all, happy holidays!
When you get back, I’d probably be interested in the two Miasmos and the shuttle (if it has not sold).