Full set of special edition corvettes for 10 billion!

The People want to sell a set of five special edition corvettes ( Echo, Violator, Taipan, Hematos, Immolator) for 10 billion isk! The corvettes are located in an NPC station in HS near Jita.

The set has been together since 2013, and will not be broken up :slight_smile:

As soon as purchased they get broken up

There is nothing The People can do about that. :slight_smile:

other then not sell them

I’ll offer 9.5b and promise to not separate them while keeping them flight ready.

9.8 and you have a deal. :slight_smile:

Meet half way? 9.65?

The People will feel bad if they go below 9.8. 9.8 is a good price. :slight_smile:

Can the people move them to Jita?

If The People are honest, The People would prefer to leave them be. :stuck_out_tongue:
I can see if I can get them moved, but definitely not this weekend.

They are in Peri. it’s not far.

It’s so they would not feel abandoned in an empty hangar, and instead be cozy with the rest of my collection =)

Tell you what, i’ll take the 9.8B offer and you can issue the contract when ever you move them to Jita 4-4.

Do we have a deal? Have The People spoken?

The People have spoken. Thank you. I’ll try and get them moved asap. :slight_smile:

The people have spoken!! Thank you for your business =)

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