WTS - Special Sabre/Sin BPC - Collectors Items

I have 5 special Sabre BPC and 6 Sin BPC, these come with ME and Runs, not to be reproduced anymore.

These BPC are in the game since the 2014 invention/POS Patch. As invented BPC where converted into a “one time” migration, before setting the new standards.

The now Highest Quality for the Ships is ME5/TE10 - 1 Run

  • Sabre 7/14 - 1 Run - 15m
  • Sabre 5/16 - 4 Runs - 40m (2x)
  • Sabre 5/16 - 2 Runs - 25m
  • Sabre 8/18 - 1 Run - 20m

A total of 5 Sabre BPC - buy all for 140m

  • Sin 8/18 - 1 Run - 100m
  • Sin 7/14 - 1 Run - 100m (2x)
  • Sin 8/18 - 3 Run - 300m (2x)
  • Sin 8/18 - 2 Run - 200m

A total of 6 Sin BPC - buy all for 1b

I have more Ship BPC like these, but they are on contract to the Eve Museum. If the contract is not claimed in due time, these will become available for sale also. The Eve Museum has claimed the contract, if you want to take a look at these collectible pieces, please buy any entry ticket to have a glance at a small part of 20 years of Eve history

Please find me on discord if you have any questions @Q.Rush#2487

Pick up a piece of history!

With T2 dreads on the way, it was such a bad idea to start selling off some special items.

Anyway, if you want some pieces of art, or want to build those Sins and get the best margin possible, drop me an offer!

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