Selling a Sabre BPO - SOLD

Spent the last few months making copies for later (materials are too rare now for me to bother building), now I need to free up some capital for other ventures.

It is currently on public contract in Amarr for a dumb price (just incase there are some dumb people out there).

I saw the last thread on here recently for a Sabre BPO but I couldn’t see the price it sold for.

Whoever the guy was in that thread wanting copies, I would be happy to sell you the BPCs I have amassed for you to do your testing :slight_smile:

If I haven’t sold this in 2 weeks I will just throw it up in an ingame auction for 100b and see what happens.

Would prefer to sell this to a lover of Industry who can appreciate a beautiful BPO instead of a reseller :wink:

Technically you’re a reseller if you sell it for a profit.

Technically if you cant make profit on it youre just a bad reseller.

Bump :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Any special reason youre bumping thread twice today?

If you edit your last post it’ll bump it to the top… Shhhh

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weeee :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have a buyer, if nobody else contacts me with a higher price within 8 hours it is being sold.


Item sold, check public contracts.


Sold too low. gg

thought so too cody and both you and hajduk circling this guy like sharks with a scent of blood in the water. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not gonna complain, I bought it for much much less than that.
Now I’m out of the T2 BPO game, and glad :slight_smile:

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