WTS stack of assets Jita 4-4

(Isell That) #1

http://evepraisal.com/a/gj7ui <<-- NEW LINK stuff added

Price is 115b

Only selling it all at once

None of the ships are assembled

(Tiddle Jr) #2

So no split?

(Isell That) #3

the whole stack at once preferably

(Tiddle Jr) #4

I :eyes: too bad for me huh :smirk:

(Cloon McCloon) #5

1500 stacks of stuff sounds fun to sell.

I’d give you 85b for it.

(Isell That) #6

thx Cloon but im looking for a little bit more

to the top

(Isell That) #7

a bump

(Isell That) #8

to the top

(Isell That) #9

up we go

(James QQ) #10

I can offer 95b

(Isell That) #11

Thx but price is 100b - bump

(Isell That) #12

Stuff added, price is still 100b

(Cleaning Lady) #13

I wish you luck Mr. That :slight_smile: If you have junk though, remember Cleaning Lady!

(Isell That) #14

to the top

(system) #15

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