WTS: Starter character - 5.4M SP

Skill sheet: Allie Maze

QSNA Another Skill sheet: Allie Maze

  1. Wallet balance: ~1000 ISK
  2. Kill rights: none
  3. Jump clones: 1 jump clone in Uitra 0.9
  4. Character location: Jita 4-4

Can fly Mining Barges, Arty Thrasher and basic Arty Tornado.

Looking for a price of 4b ISK.

This character is still for sale.


@Holy_Shizznit : Your offer sounds great. Are you still interested?

Yes, I will be home in 4-5 hours and complete the transaction if it is ok for you too

P.S. character link not working? Please check

Cannot login to SkillQ today, but added a QSNA link. Hope that’s working better.

I am online and will send you the ISK and account information

Isk and info sent

Money received.
Initiating char transfer to account in ingame mail.

Character received, thank you for a smooth transaction!

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