WTS Starter Character few skills trained, nothing insane

(Caroline Inkunen) #1

Skills trained: a month and a half worth of training (ish) saved

Skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Caroline_Inkunen

Starting Bid: I could say 1 Bil.

In high sec, almost zero activity towards every aspect of the game.
Bonus Remaps Available: 2, currently remapped for Memory, Intelligence.

(Palatine Keepstar) #2

will cost you more than its worth to transfer it

(Caroline Inkunen) #3

thanks for the tip, dont know how this works to be honest…how much is the fee? if you can guide me through a bit, much appreciated.

(Palatine Keepstar) #4

20 dollars i think…i think you can do it through ccp support ticket aswel …dont know how much plex it costs to do …i still think it will cost you 3bil ish in plex though

(Caroline Inkunen) #5

holy…3bil… well i cant ask for more for this character’s SP amount i guess.,…