WTS Stripped 5m sp

As title states wanting to sell this character I stripped the SP from.


No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
+5 implants all but Charisma implant.
Several core Engineering skills at V

Buyout price is 4b.

Please see the rules on using the Character Bazaar here: Welcome to the Character Bazaar

I specifically direct you to the following rule:

The character being sold must be in an NPC corporation at the time of posting, and for the entire duration of the sale/auction thread being active.

Feel free to recreate your thread once you have dropped to an NPC corporation.

Thread re-opened for you @Rotsuda_Soikutsu

Thank you @ISD_Lord_Arranoth now that we have that all sorted, price reduction only 3bil now.

3bill buyout :smiley:

3.5b BO

I am at work for the next several hours but ill send you a mail

Mail sent offer accepted @Sin_LaCasa


Isk sent, account details sent.

Awaiting transfer.

Initiating transfer now, thank you.