WTS structure BPO's

Have the following id like to sell


All components and modules are atleast ME 8 with various levels of TE.

Structure research as follows:
Tatara: 4/12
Astrahus: 5/12
Azbel: 6/14

Would prefer to sell together, Make offers here please, i dont often check ingame mails.

Sunday bump

Where did the weekend go?
Also these are still looking for a home

I missed Tuesdays bump but here is Wednesdays

Weekends a coming, Thursday has its bump

weekend is right around the corner, can start it with a nice drink and some new structure BPO’s :slight_smile:

gotta love a nice chill saturday, to the top :slight_smile:

new week but these are still available.

bpo’s looking for a new home :slight_smile:

thursday already, weekends a coming. bump

new week and a new bump.

contact me ingame per mail if you are online.

Tuesday bump.

lazy friday night bump, feel free to make reasonable offers, if you do so ingame though please post here so i know to login.
gnight and have a great weekend

new week, new bump.
hope everyone had a good weekend

bump, if not sold by sunday for a decent price they will go into storage until my return to eve

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