WTS - Sub Cap PVP/PVE Pilot 35.6m SP

Hi. I want to sell myself.

Elric Roden - While the char sheet might not be updated yet, he will be in an NPC corp, already is.

I’ve been away for a while and don’t have a need for this character any longer.

9.3m Spaceship Command
6.9m Gunnery
5.0m Missiles
4.4m Magic 14(lol)

Guns - T2 Blasters/Rails up to Lrg - T2 Auto/Arty up to Med.
Missiles - T2 Cruise - T2 Heavy - T2 Light

Take a look at the ships capable of flying in the skill sheet(Caldari, Minmatar and Gallente T2’s). Golem, Jackdaw, Minmatar and Gallente Hacs/Recons).

Looking for a starting bid of 27b and will decide if a minimum is met.

Additionally, Elric will be stationed in Jita 4-4, in a Kestrel.
No kill rights.
0,00 Isk.
3 JC’s.

This will run for a week, unless minimum is met, I could sell today if interest is enough.

Have a great weekend.

29 bil or until I find another character

Sold to the man in the black shirt. @Mezagog

Sending Isk Now and game account to transfer to via in game email

Roger. Logging into Char to see transfer.

Isk send email sent with transfer account name

Isk Received. Acc named.

Isk Transferred and transfer initiated.

@Mezagog GL and godspeed. =D

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