Exclusively trained super pilot for sale
20.6m sp 150k unallocated

T2 Heavy Fighters
T2 light fighters
T2 support fighters
Nearly all armor comps are 5 just a few days off explosive comp 5

Cybernetics V
Jump cal V

I am aware this is a pretty basic super pilot, however he is ready to use.

He has a full HG slave set thats definitely not included in the price.

Negative sec status
Posotive wallet
Located in lowsec

26b b/o

22b offer

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I will take 25

24b is my max

Ok i will accept. Send isk and account info and i will initiate the transfer in 2 hours

Will send tomorrow gotta clear a slot on an acoustic for it

Ok well i will remain open to a higher offer until then

Isk and account info sent will update you when Iā€™m ready for the transfer

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That will do for me :+1:

Isk and account name received. Just waiting for the go ahead to start the transfer

Ok you should be good to start the transfer there is an open slot on the account now

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No problems. Im having some issues with the account management website. Nothing is loading. I will try again in a couple of hours and keep you updated

Ignore that. Transfer initiated

Character recieved

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