Wts supers and rare stuff. Currently acting as proxy seller. Open to offers and negotiation

Komodo bpc 175bil

Reply here or send me a mail in game. Open to any offers and negotiation

Changed offers, komodo bpc going lower, now got molok hull for sale

Any offers?

300 for the molok

can you hit me up on discord pdog#5848

Sent discord

Sorry I cannot do that.

Adding some at ships

Trade Moracha for Fiend?

Looking for isk sadly :(.

Add me on discord perhaps we can talk about your at ship kfcwenger#5441

that addy isnt working

Try all caps? KFCWENGER#5441

Still for sale

Added hel, price on komodo lowered

Still for sale :slight_smile:

Up for sale

Still for sale

Looking to sell the komodo bpc for now, open to negotiation

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