WTS Supers, Carriers, Dreads & Fax's

Selling after Asset Recovery

Located : Podion VIII - Moon 15 - Nefantar Miner Association Mining Outpost


Hel x 1


Chimera x 1
Nidhoggur x 1


Moros x 1
Naglfar x 1
Revelation x 2


Ninazu x 3

Capital Industrial Ships

Orca x 1
Rorqual x 1

How much for the hel? I will buy it

16b can creat contract

Unfit? I’ll take it. Contract to me please. I will accept it later today when I get home

Everything sold apart from

Ninazu x 3
Orca x 1

Someone bought it with job lot

Seriously? :frowning:

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