WTS supper hull and titian hull in Basgerin, fortizar in jita

supper all 20B
Aeon 1/1
Wyvern 1/1
Nyx 1/1
Hel 1/1

titan 71B
Avatar 1/1
Leviathan 1/1
Erebus 1/1
Ragnarok 1/1

‘Horizon’ Fortizar 1/1
‘Prometheus’ Fortizar 1/1

up Bump

contract nyx + hel to iedan for 38b?

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Ill take hel please

Would also be interested in hel if still available.

Please PM me with prices for Wyvern and Prometheus fort

can offer 18b for wyv

68b for erebus?

deal, already send contract to ’ Sashera Windsang’

need add more ISK

18b for Aeon, will buy today

up Bump,only titan is still aviliable, please feel free to mail me in game

Avatar 1/1
Leviathan 1/1

still available

up Bump

19B for Aeon

all sold

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