WTS T1 BPO's @90% NPC Sell [SOLD]

list of BPOs with me/te

Bulk selling for 36b which is 90% of NPC Value!

Price for All Cap mods, Cap Parts and Cap ship BPOs>?

Where are the BPOs ?

Kinda want to sell everyting at once

currently Basgerin V - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Testing Facilities but when i found a buyer for all I can/will move them

If you still have “BPO Capital Parts” and you can move them to Jita or Amarr I could take them.

I only want some of the BPOs.

Could you sell entire list for 30bil?

I offer 33 bil delivered in Jita

Contract all the sub cap ship bpos to kiloalpha

32bil Will accept in Basgerin

36 bil BO in Basgerin.

Please contract them to this character.

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Hello ?

Are you still selling ?

As said I offer 36 bil BO delivered in Basgerin. After this Sunday I may revise my offer.

Hey - Sorry for late response, was on vacation - offer still stands?

Offer still stands :+1:t2:

@Naran_Kado Could you please check your ingame mails ? 2 BPOs seems missing. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for your message ingame. Transaction concluded. Thanks :slight_smile:

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