[WTS] T1 Ship BPCs

Lets keep this simple; as the title says, I have many T1 ship BPCs for sale.

I have large stocks of all T1 ship BPCs, all ready to contract rapidly.

They are all Max Run and fully researched - ME - 10%, TE - 20% - Perfect!


BS (10 Runs)

  • All 4m

BC (10 Runs)

  • All 4m

Cruiser (10 Runs)

  • All 3m

Destroyers (20 Runs)

  • All 2m

Frigates (30 Runs)

  • All 2m

Barges (10 Runs)

  • All 4m

Industrials (10 Runs)

  • All 2m

Delivery will be Rens BTT, Hek BCF or Jita 4-4 unless you have an awesome order, then I will deliver straight to any contiguous high sec system, or even a lo-sec system if you pay a danger fee ! :sunglasses:

Feel free to mail me for a quote!

Thank you for reading,
Maxx Run

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