[WTS] T2 Frigate BPC and Station Packs


Looking to sell these T2 Frigate BPC.

40 Runs 3/2 package - 100m per package
Prospect - 1x
Retribution - 1x
Vengance - 1x

36 Runs 3/2 package - 100m per package
Purifier - 2x

Contracts Will be set in Jita 4-4

Availible - Custom orders on any T2 frig of cruiser Hull. Please mail me for a quotation.

Station Packs have a 1 Run BPC and all BPC needed for the components, packed in a can.

4x Athanor pack - 35m
3x Raitaru pack - 22.5m
1x Raitaru special 7-pack - 135m

All stuff in this post is now availible on in-game contracts

Station packs added, all on ingame contracts now

Bump of the Day, Don’t forget to check contracts

Contracts availible, contact me for Custom orders

Updated stock!

Open for bulk deals
Send Eve mail for contact!

Almost weekend
Get your building supply now!

More comming

Soon TM

Going up

Up Up

To the top!

To the top

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