WTS T2 BPO Mobile Small Disruptor 10/20 SOLD

Asking 50 bil.

Give Legit Salesgirl a poke, she might need one

Ok I will, thanks.

why are you posting in every sales thread telling people to mail some eve trillionare?

Its all Legit sales tactics

ey ey I ain’t have nothing to do with this okay.
I got no clue why he does what he does but… to be fair it worked at least once so far so I can’t be mad at him he actually connected people and made a deal possible :rofl:

Also 35b bid for the BPO :white_check_mark:


40b here o/

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41bil here o/o

42b here.

43b :slight_smile:

Going to end this tomorrow. Fazzy Star has it ATM.

44b here

45b :smiley: If you go with me, set up a 3-day contract and I’ll get it done

Thanks, to everyone. This BPO has been sold.