A Wasp II recently sold for 350b so let’s start there :slight_smile:

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I’ll take it for 350

Nice BPO

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Thank-you. Also, thanks for 350b. Give it 36h and ill contract it to you.

Poeple are getting greedy these days

Nope. People have always been greedy.

Unless there are no other bids, I will make the contract when I’m from work in about 12h ±

355 bill

Jesus, that was a last minute bid. OK.

So we have a deal?

In fairness, I would like to give Felixa Gashart a chance to reply before I make contract.

Whats ME and TE please, have another offer to buyout Valk II BPO

Yup I’m still standing by

It is 10/20. Don’t worry this will be over soon. @felix the bid was increased to 355. Do you want to up your bid or shall I sell for 355?

Withdrawn, apologies for inconvenience

No worries, contract up.

accepted thanks