WTS T2 BPO's + Officer Mods

the missiles are to be sold as a set or would you be willing to sell them piece wise?

Ideally as a full set, as there is normally just 1 or two people want, as they’re more used xD

can you mail me the price , i wanted to buy one of the 4

Missiles have sold.

Are you up for Trade Titan BPO for the Revenant BPC ?

Can u provide more info on the BPO :slight_smile:

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PM in EVE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sent a reply.

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bump Rag BPO still to shift :slight_smile:



Bump, price lowered! :slight_smile:

Flycatcher BPO added to the sale :slight_smile:

Have anything in my budget?

can you mail me the price on the gyro , small shield extender , medium shield extender , void and quake

Looking to get interest and offers for those right now, as I am just happy seeing what people other than myself value them at :slight_smile:

Main one I am looking to offload is the flycatcher

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