WTS T2 Caldari Hauler 17Mil SP

Topic says, im to sale, im a well trained T2 Hauler (DST/Blockade Runner) for Caldari Race.

Got 17Mil Skillpoints.

You can Check my ESB here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Eiko_Tsukaya

Positiv Wallet
is in NPC Corp (ESB isnt show that atm)
Located in Highsec,
Only 1 Jump Clone and High-Grade Jackal Implants
I will pay for Transfer Fee, will make Transfer via Cash (you get the Charr fast)

Starting Bid is 14B

B/O Hidden

14B first offer

Thank you for the Bid, lets see what we can reach xD

get your Hauler Toon now.

still avaible for sale

Start your Hauling Today

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