WTS T2 Command ship BPO

T2 BPO for sale.
Astarte BPO 10/20 - 250bil
Feel free to contact me ingame.

I have not sold it yet. Still available.

Still waiting for (serious) buyer.
In high sec few jump from Jita.

Can probably get what you want but id offer you 180bil for immediate well.

Thank you Kyoko, but i can afford to wait. I won it at the T2 lottery at the begining of the game, If no one want to buy it, than it will stick with me. :slight_smile:
I have many copies if anyone is interested.

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Please send me a in-game mail with details on the number of copies, number of Runs on them and price.

Might need a day or 2 for reply (busy weekend).


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