Wts t2 hulk pilot 9.5msp [sold]

Hello, Dr. steve brule here.

I’m just a dang t2 fitted hulk pilot hunk for sale.
9.5mil sp
clean everything.
All standard rules apply

6b start
Feel free to message my Alternative Kriixus in game.

Fly like an eagle not be like turkey
Don’t let the turkeys get ya down!

Interested but I would like to see an eveboard link before I offer anything.

5.5b offered, need eveboard link but isk is ready



Ok. My offer is still good at 5.5b


Deal reached ingame. Sending isk and info now.

confirmed awaiting isk and account info

isk and account name recieved starting character transfer

transfer complete awaiting verification.
Thanks for the deal, please enjoy.

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