WTS T2 Spike M BPO


I would have Tech 2 BPO for sale. Spike M. It is 10/20.

Current asking price: 30 Billion ISK

Leave offers in the thread please.

Blueprint status: Sold


Well lets say 10b

Naa lets say 15b

20 Bil has already been offered. Keep the offers coming. I’ll accept one when it comes to an agreeable sum.

22 bils

Keep the offers coming. Still for sale.

Still for sale. Might put this up on hypernet soon.

To the top.

Still for sale

ISK Waiting for a new owner, for a Tech 2 Blueprint :wink:

Would you do 25 for it?

I thank you for the offer but its not quite high enough.

Asking price lowered to 30 Billion ISK. Get yourself a wonderful T2 BPO today :slight_smile:

Update: Blueprint has been sold

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