WTS T2 Trimark Nyx docked in NPC station (attn: collectors)

Here’s one for collectors. Back in the day you could have anything moved to a low-sec station if you had been away from the game long enough. That even included supers. Years ago they changed this policy (see link: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/203207992-Inaccessible-Assets-and-Returning-players) and with the advent of asset safety there is no way to get a super in certain NPC stations.

I am selling a T2 trimark nyx that is docked in Amamake 2-1 Republic Justice Department Tribunal.

Will come with 33k oxy topes and an assortment of t1 heavy fighters but will be otherwise unfitted.

Proof: https://imgur.com/2sdxIMn

Auction will start at 20b.

Reserve: Hidden
Buyout: Impress me

Will run the auction until 00:00 EVE time 7/23/18 (end of next Sunday)

Sale will take place via contract, NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Having a super in a NPC station offers 0 additional value. In most cases it actually hurts the value as it would need moved if its in a horrible place.

You’re missing the point. This isn’t selling a super so they undock and go run sanctums in null. This is selling to people who like rare things because there will never be a super docked in this station ever again.

I’ll trade it for a large rigged devoter and 2 double-bubble sabres

You can just asset safety a super from the amamake keepstar if you wanted to have one in the NPC stations. But what’s the point? It’s not special for any systems that have keepstars. You are not the first person to have tried this…

Offer 14b


just contract it to me if accepted

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