I currently have some excess Strategic Cruiser Hull BPCs available which I am looking to sell on at only 50m each.

All BPCs have the following stats:
22 Runs
3 Material Efficiency
2 Time Efficiency

I have the following in stock:
3 x Loki - 1 Sold, 2 Left!
1 x Tengu - Sold
1 x Legion - Sold
1 x Proteus

Either contact me here or in game if you wish to purchase. If you have a need for T3C hull or subsystem BPCs please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can work something out.

Bump! All BPCs still currently available

1 Loki gone. 1 of each still available to purchase!

Legion BPC has now gone! Only a few left for those that want them. I have currently put them up on contracts too if you wish to avoid waiting via contacting me.

2 Loki
1 Proteus
1 Tengu - Now Sold

BPCs still available at only 50m each!

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