WTS Tech 3 destroyer BPCs in BULK

Tech 3 destroyer BPCs (all 4 races) in Jita 4-4 @ 1.5mil per run.
1000’s of runs can be supplied daily out of combination of 10 to 30 run prints; just order total number of runs that you need.

Mail or reply here.


280 runs of Svipul @ 20x 14run 1/8 prints is fresh on stock for smaller orders.

Confessors 10x 24run & 20x 13run coming to Jita today.
Order yours :slight_smile:

Can you make a mixture of subsystems for the T3 ships as well? If yes rough price for those?

Yes, I can & have the skills maxed.
Send me in game what do you need (type + number of runs) and you will recieve the quote.

Okay I will message you in game and work out the details, thank you.

Fresh batches of Jackdaws in Jita - 24run @ 36mil.
:poop:load of them.

More T3 DD BPCs up in Jita.

More BPCs in Jita!
Mostly 13 and 24 run prints.

I mailed you in game and never got anything back. I am also looking to buy bulk.

You never asnwered to my mail, check inbox:

T3 cruiser BPCs
From: Aluka 7th
Sent: 2023.07.11 17:54
To: Poseidon Kronus,

I thought I mailed you back, but I will check, I could be losing it, very real possibility. :smiley:

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