WTS: Tengu 13.25m SP isk maker plexer PVE

(Avant Neaghri) #1

Focused Tengu pilot, good damage near perfect skills.

Injector friendly at only 13m SP.
Craft this to your needs, 494,000 unallocated SP

Bonus Remaps Available (2)
Yearly Remaps (1)

No kill rights, currently in (Jita)
5.0 sec status
Positive wallet with no assets
Set of +4’s with 3% missile hardwires
DOB 2009

Offers above 12B
Avant Neaghri

(Avant Neaghri) #2


(Sinister Stone) #3


(Pirkibo Haginen) #4


(Avant Neaghri) #5

Lets take this back up top for the weekend.

(NAVO ST) #6


(Avant Neaghri) #8

Can I get a 13 offer?

(Avant Neaghri) #9

To the top.
13B anyone?

(Str0ntium Dog) #10

12.5 B/o

(Avant Neaghri) #11

I’ll accept your
12.5 B/o

(Str0ntium Dog) #12

Sure, I’m ready. Will convo you ingame with account info.

(Str0ntium Dog) #13

ISK Sent. Account info supplied via eve mail. Thanks.

(system) #14

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