WTS Tengu Focused PVE Pilot


9.8mil Skill Point Pilot

4x improved implatnts

Focused DRONE - SHIELD and MISSILE Skills

Can Fly Tengu / Gila

Buy Out 15bil

Jump clone available

1 x remap available

Positive Wallet

Sec status 0.71
Located in high Sec Amarr

Great toon guys , can fit T2 Tengu easy lvl 3 missions also full T2 fitted Gila easy for T3 abyss, get those offers in for a great is making toon


Need higher bid, it’s worth it

Toon still available

9B ready

Give me 11 bil and the toon is yours

10 B ready

11 bil to start the paperwork

is the 10 bill still available?

No response for ECO round

Charachter still available

bump up


Toon must go, auction starts at 10 bil, auction duration 24 hours

Auction extended

9 bil buy out, first come first serve

8 bill

said 9 bil Hia Jez. Toon still available

8 bill still available?

let me know if you are ready to start transfer once you receive the isks and if u agree with the 8 bill bid