WTS thanatos carrier pilot 31m SP

WTS this character
Link to eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Deneris_Sexywarrior password 1234
Price offer me here or on PW

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25b offer

25.5 b offered

26b offer

26.5b offered

27 bil


28B offered

28.5B offered

29b B/O, online now.

29.5B B/O

30B b/o

30.5B b/o

31b b/o

No 1379 tell me when you will be available and we can discuss to finalize deal :slight_smile:

Maybe 16h later

I will be on Business trip till 18.04 after that if no offer more then @No_1379 it will be sell to him for 31B

I am back.

I am back also please send money to character I send you in PM and I transfer character.

Isk and account sent.