Wts thanatos siter 16mSP / focus carrier and small pvp

WTS thanatos siter, looking isk to start a low sec project

good name
good faction standing
positive balance

Basic Ratting Carrier plus pvp hecate + frigates gallente goodskills, can be a nyx T2 in 45 days

b/o 17B, i pay transfer
you can chat me in game if you want

ends 10/30

Hecate nice almost top skill
Frigate excellent skills
T2 Small Blasters with a lot of lvl 4 stuff
Excellent drone Skills

12b for me

15B b/o

so ?:slight_smile:


Hi there thnaks to all people who mailme, last offer is 17B, in 60 days you have drone 2 and all stuff for live in null sec ill be online this week,
ends on 10/30 im leaving the game

im waiting for a 17b confirm, i will be avaliable today mail me and we discuss confirmation and transfer, today tis has 800k skill points more in injected and avaliable 380k points i think if im not spend now


sold to https://forums.eveonline.com/u/ryzen_EX pls send isk to this danistheman to inititate character transfer

Daily Bump

confirmed trasfering isk

I have sent you about account ID

ISK Received confirmed transfering starting

Character Transfer Received


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