WTS The Infamous MarKand 202M SP

G’day All.

Considering selling MarKand as I reorganise my accounts and characters. Perfect Rag pilot (And has lost 3) and an amazing subcap pilot.


Currently has the following Implant Clones,

MG Crystals + HW’s
HG Slaves + HW’s,
HG Ascendancy + HW’s
HG Asklepian’s + HW’s

Hit me up either here or ingame if you have any questions/offers…

SB: 200B
BO: None Yet.

Confirm this char is being sold, Accidentally posted on wrong char.


back up we go

Still Here

Someone must want the Ragnarok God :slight_smile:

Would love it, but its outside my budget range. Good luck, and hope it gets a new loving home.

175 bil

Thanks for the bid however I will not consider offeres below the SB

Looks like an awesome character! I’d love to buy but I don’t have 200 bil, good luck with the sale though!

Up we go

You failed to mention that it comes with its own website monitoring when any titans are lost… http://ismarkanddead.space/

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back up we go

back up we go

Back to the top we go

Sale Cancelled.

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