WTS Titans, Supers, Dreads, Carriers, Faxes, Rorq

Contract Up!

Accepted. Pleasure. When I need another super ill be back

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Still have Hel or Nyx in stock?

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Nyx available w/Hyperspatials and another Hel may be available tomorrow. I’m in game, if you wanna talk hit me up.


Add me on Discord Spergasm#7777 I want the nyx… Asap. :slight_smile:

Contract up… Thank you.

accepted thank you!

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5 Star Yelp Review incoming, thank you for your business. Little inventory left, come on people buy em while they last! You wont see these prices ever again, especially after the new sub pricing inflation!

Avatar 95bil

Too low, I’ll wait for better offers. Thank you.

Only a few Caps AVAILABLE check above list

Make a contract to this char for nid with Tech II rigs…thx

i’ll take a nag and the t2 nid off your hands

I’ll take any supers you may have floating around :slight_smile:

Also 90B avatar offer if it’s in npc.

MOST IS SOLD OUT, but still have the following:

  1. Rorqual (near Amarr)
  2. Apostle (near Jita)

please check above for pricing, and pricing is fixed.