WTS Supercarriers and Titans

Hi Friends,

So once again I have been engaged by some quiet but high achieving industry dudes to on their behalf sell their Supercapitals.

At this stage they aren’t taking orders however that may change.

Current Stock (Maila Keepstar):
Leviathan - 68b
Avatar - 72b
Erebus - 70b
Current Stock (Aunenen Keepstar).

I am now opening this to have people pre-order their SuperCaps. Prices will be offered / negotiated with clients on an individual basis. Please EVE mail me with any requests that you have for hulls. Please note Revenant/Vendetta/Vanquisher hulls will require you to provide a BPC.

Link to 3rd Party Services Thread
Note: Supercarriers - Deposit 5bil, non refundable deposit (held by me)
Titans - Deposit 15bil, non refundable deposit (held by me)
Full Payment in advance will gather additional discounts (held by me)
Avatar BPCs are expensive. Deal with it.

Currently Basic Travel Fit, with T1 Hyperspatials.

As I am being paid by the sellers there will be no third party fee (and they are a Keepstar anyway) so it will be via Direct Contract.


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Updated - Have been busy…Still am busy

Please Contract the Leviathan for 65b to me, I will accept ASAP

Will do mate. At work ATM, was at EDU all weekend.

Contract up mate.

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Updated Stock and Prices

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