Wts toon: Marcus Coolio


1k lp with caldari faction warfare corp

8b b/o

8.5b b/o

12 bil b/o

wow that was quick however i dont wanna cancel the auction only to get a beter deal 5 minutes later. what do i do

It depends. I mean the guys with 8 bil b/o were throwing you extreme lowballs, if your lucky you could maybe get 13-14 bil for a b/o… I mean you could run an auction but if I were you I’d set up a b/o price in the description.

fine i guess ill take ur offer do i log in to anny toon or specifically trhe character im selling

I’ll send you isk tmr/maybe later tonight then you just have to go to account management from the launcher and transfer it to my account. Evemail Chamile Odunenn IG to get my account name

mail sent

Btw reply to this thread with marcus and say “I’m for sale” and include positive wallet jump clones character location so the thread doesn’t get locked.

MArcus Coolio is already sold

positive wallet

no jump clones

located in jita

9.5B BO

Please read character bazzar rules and correct your post.

10.5 bil.

I meant with his account and say “I am being sold”

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