Wts marcus coolio to chamile odunen

already beings sold to chamile odunen

Trade confirmed, sending isk TN

what character did u send the money too? have you goten to that yet?

I’m going to send it to the character you eve-mailed it to me I’m having some issues eve is crashing after I sent you an evemail and I gtg to bed soon. Working on it tho.

hey Chamile can you give me an eta when youre gonna hand me the 12.5bill isk you promised; are you still having a difficult time allocating funds

eta? Estamated time? yeah hopefully by tmr, I tried to send you a couple bil from my corp wallet but my friend doesn’t get the isk for a day or two, sorry for the inconvienence I can send you the extra 500 mil now if you want, what char is it again?

Braelor Sarpedon

k working on it… this guy hasn’t responded in 24 hrs ugh

got it

500 mil sent

What a :poop:show

ik ik working on it

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