WTS - True Sansha control power Blueprint x 2 - Jita 4-4

As title. Looking to sell 2 very old TS large control power BPC’s

Sale price of the built towers are over 3bill. Current sale on market cheapest 4.5 bill each.

Buildcost with proper skills and manu structure is under 500mill with BPU for base tower being peanuts.

So if you can sell them for 4.5 thats 4bill markup each.

I’m looking for offers for 1 or both.


yeeaaahhhhh its about 1B to build the blueprints, and the last blueprints sold were 1.5b each. and the last tower sold was 2b flat. Id give you 1.5b for each

Edit. no thanks Quantum.

Love the edit you made to the post :wink:

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