WTS Shadow Control Tower Blueprint

WTS - Shadow Control Tower Blueprint

Open to offers. Rare BPC 1 run

50 million isk

75 mil

150mil offer


Thanks for the offers, Over the last few months the built tower has gone for 1.4, 1.55. 1.6 1.59 1.59 bill and also 1.6 million (lucky man)

Build cost i think in a proper structure with max still will be sub 600. If you make the tower.

So i think realistically I’m looking for offers over 500mill or i’m just giving this away.

I’ll put Bo at 600mill - I think thats a very fair price that someone can make a few quid from with a bit of effort. Current tower prices at 1.6bill with a 600mill cost if everything perfect. Over to the floor.

I’ll buy at 600 b/o, just contract it to this toon


Contract up Shadow as thats what I offered. Sorry had family responsibilities. Couldn’t check until now.

If he doesn’t take it will over it on.

Contract accepted tyvm

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