WTS Tuvan's tracking computer

Msg in game, accepting 2b min 500m under Jita price

contract to me

contract up

Still for sale! msg here or in game.

on contract in Jita far cheaper than market price!

Willing to take offers… 1.9b min

wts to any offer over 1.5b

Contract it to me. I’ll take it right now

how about 1.6b? Also wts Tuvan’s tracking comp for 2.8b min

Fine. Contract it and i’ll accept it if its within the next 6 hours.

ight contract up, enjoy that steal! :slight_smile:

Cormacks mod sold, now selling Tuvan’s tracking comp! Get your titan’s fit today!

daily bump

daily bump, will take offers that are over 2.5b!!

bump still for sale

bump 2.5b min for Tuvan’s tracking comp! still 500m less than market sell orders in Jita…

bump for sale

bump for sale

wts 2.6b asap!

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