WTS TWO Max Caldari Alpha with PI

Hi, for the changes to come in december path, i think is the moment to sell this pilots. are a maxed caldari alpha, but have a bit more, mainly Cybernetics IV , Planetary Interactions, can use A mining barge and dont remember what other littl thing i put in them

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Pen_Arji (can sell today sunday)
http://eveboard.com/pilot/Feka_Nolen (can sell monday)

Want to sell sunday, but i go to cinema in the morning. Make a decent offer and i sell (Have another IDENTICAL char to him, too). Disclaimer, the other pilot can be sold until Monday for credit card and current configuration of PI limitations, matbe i put another thread if not sell him here (male too)

Both chars are maxed Caldari alpha with same stats.

Both Chars have not killing rights, have positive wallet and all ccp rules apply.

Yes, i am for sale too, but i only be sold if The other char is sold first.

i’ll bid 3.5 b for pen arji

have isk ready to go if your interested

Pen arji sold, send the isk and acc name, i need go to a computer with Eve installed, i deliver in an hour or less.

3.5bill for Feka_Nolen can transfer right now

Feka nolen sold,

About the sell of Feka Nolen I can deliver in ten hours, are in the same account,send the isk and account and i deliver as soon i can do so.

am i sending mail and isk to Feka Nolen ?

Yeahm send to him. If the other guy not send the isk first when i come to a computer with Eve, i deliver yous first.

your charactor should be in npc corporation first man.

Dont worry, i leave the Corporation as soon i am in house, finishing planet interactions yesterday and dont leave for that reason yet

isk and account sent

isk and account info sent

Bth received, i am in home now. i transfer the first in 5 - 10 min

Pen arji transferred one moment ago, i transfer Feka Nolen in 10 hours.

email for character transfer received

I transfer Feka Nolen One moment Ago, many thanks for the business, both pilot sold.

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