WTS Unfinished Project Max PvP Sub-cap 126M SP

Rebbeca Khan

Selling my max PVP (Project) focused character, my plan was to focus the training via attributes, remaps and +5 implants to maximise time training all skills for sub-cap PVP. I started this in 2010 but stopped playing in 2014/2015 and now I’ve returned to the game I have no interest in continuing with this project. Hence the sale.

The good bits:

Currently mapped for Intelligence / Perception (Navigation Skills)

Maxed sub-cap Gunnery
Maxed sub-cap Missiles
Drones (NOT fighters/Bombers) was maxed until ice drones+spec and mining drone spec came out
Maxed sub-cap Navigation + Cyno field theory at 1 (Can be remapped or press on with Jump skills)
Spaceship Command is maxed at T1 for all races, no T2 ships (except Transport 1) as I never remapped for them and T3 Cruisers at 5 (NOT subsystems) and T3 destroyers at 5 for Ammar and Minmatar and 3 for Caldari and Gallente
T3 subsystems maxed for Offensive and Propulsion (all races) but NO Core or Defensive SP (Skills plugged in tho)

  • Attribute remap available

  • 2 bonus remaps available

  • +5 Implants in

  • Located in High sec Station (Dodixie)

  • 2 Jump Clones in Null sec (Scalding Pass and Wicked Creek) No Implants in either

  • She has skills to pilot an Exhumer as I used her to mine ice in HS during those hurry up and wait Null Sec manoeuvres :slight_smile:

  • She has basic skills to use Cyno’s and was used as a Cyno Alt frequently

  • She has helped newer pilots with Lev 1 & 2 missions so has inherited minor positive standings towards a few factions but never directly missioned for any faction so only minor negative standing to pirate factions.

  • Isk positive

  • Neutral sec standing

  • No Kill rights (for or against)

  • No Assets

The bad bits:

Due to only training skills she was attribute mapped for there are very poor Armour, Shield, Electronic and Engineering skills.

I’m selling the character as a work in progress towards a maxed PvP sub-cap pilot, completing the core skills to V and the above mentioned skills in the bad bits will make her instantly more survivable and usable in PvP and PvE with T1 or Faction ships, leading on to T2 training and beyond. With all sub-cap Drone (combat), Gunnery and Missile skills maxed this is a great platform to develop a sub-cap PvP pilot from. Please carefully review the EveBoard link at the top for clarification of what skills this character is missing!!!

B/O: 125B
Please only reply here, I will not be logging in as this Character
All CCP rules apply and I will cover all fees related to the character transfer.




Thank you for the interest and offers thus far, I’m going to hold out a bit longer for a higher offer.

Extracting skills down to 5.5mil would make me around 112bil (cost of buying extractors deducted and assuming all 250+ injectors sold over time from a highly skilled selling character), but that’s alot of time and effort :wink: bumpity bump

108 bil buyout offer

109 bil

110 bil

111 bil

111.5 bil

I’m still holding out for a bit more.

Just for clarification my above post was intended to act as guidance in that, skills alone, she is worth more than 112bil…

Add the implants and remaps available and I’m looking for 120bil+ (hence the more than I expect 130bil buyout), the reason I’m not asking for more is because in the current state of the skill setup she isn’t fit for PvP, but she can haul, mine (Exhumer 5) and PvE just fine.

I didn’t set any reserve or starting value as I am unsure about selling and may just get back on with training and have fun PvPing when I get her there (or sell her for much more!)

Thanks again for the offers and interest so far

More than 120bil will motivate me to sell :wink:

Bumpity bump bump bump!!!

112.5 bil

113 bil

Buy out lowered to 125Bil

Account has been plexed and I’m finishing off the Navigation (Intelligence / Perception) skills to use Cyno’s (for Black Ops portal generation rather than Capital use)

Once done I’ll remap for Armour, Shield, Subsystems, Electronics and Engineering (Intelligence / Memory).

I’ll leave this up as she is still for sale, however the further along the training goes the higher the buyout will go.


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