**Cancelled** WTS - 129Mil SP PvP Project character


I’m considering selling Rebbeca Khan, she’s been a training project I’ve had running on yearly plexed account to max T1, T2 & T3 PvP skills (and some aux stuff to make her usable). By project I mean I’ve re-mapped her skill points and focus trained on as many skills as possible before re-mapping and focusing on another skill set.

Please carefully review the skill allocations here…

129Mil SP - So far, she is focused on Max Drones, Max Guns, Max Missiles, Max T1 Hulls & Max Navigation (Jump skills for Bops)
Currently mapped for Intelligence / Perception (Navigation Skills)

Due to new skills appearing for newer ship or module types there are now a few gaps.

Be aware this is not a PvP ready character, she will require additional training to be properly usable

Can fly/fit Exhumers and Transports

ISK balance positive
1x Yearly remap
2x Bonus remap
+5 Implants

Reserve Price - ###Bil (Hidden Reserve)

Buy Out - 122Bil

Starting Bid - 110Bil

Will run until buy out offered, reserve met or 2018/06/15 (will consider sale to highest bidder at this date)
Please only reply here, I will not be logging in as this Character
All CCP rules apply and I will cover all fees related to the character transfer.

Khans unite!

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110 bil

Sorry, been on the Isle of Man for the TT races, got a last min offer to go, back now!

Revising description to allow for unexpected holidays :slight_smile:


8 days to go!!!


7 Days to go!!

112 bil

113 bil


Thanks for the bids thus far…

6 Days to go!!


5 Days to go!!


4, 3 and 2 days to go!! (been away for work!) :wink:


Final day, reserve has not been met but I will consider a sale to the highest bidder at the end of the day.

Ok I’ve decided not to sell, thanks for the interest and bids. Reserve was not met and there appears not to be a market for this kind of project character.

Fly safe o/

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