WTS Universal Pilot 198 Ml Sp: B/o 165 bil


You ve got a chance to purchase a brilliant multifunctional pilot!

Almost all spaceship command, missiles, gunnery in 5!

There are few million isk in the wallet, security status 2.19, I bring a toon to Jita, 9 Jump clones, no kill rights, transfers fees will be paid by me.

150 bil

Thank you for the offer, but I would like to get a bit more, b/o 170 bil

155bil Because you don’t have JDC V even with all the capital skills you have. SMH also no Precursor skills.

Still, 155 b is not real worth of the too, I can do 165 bil but no less

Well seen as Though I have another offer Of 160bil out ATM that’s my Max offer, I’ll be around all night. But Jdc 4 is the biggest downside. Plus a few basic ship ship skills not at 5.

ok, 160 bil isk, deal

Isk and acc name sent.

isk received, ticket for plex transfer is filled

Thanks, keep us updated on the petition if you could. I know there a bit slow on the weekends.

Any updates? If no updates in next 24hrs / 48hrs I will be filing a petition.

Seen as though the ESI for the skilboard has been stripped from the site, I’m going to hinder a guess this account was stolen used to scam then extracted… @ISD_Thalack_Dalhar could you guys maybe start making posts on here need to be approved. The amount of scamming going on currently is stupid.

Going to submit a ticket to CCP.

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