WTS Valravn Deathglow Remnant SKIN


This SKIN is not on market or contracts and could only be obtained by playing the Crimson Harvest Event, which ended on 6th.

There’s only one of it as an item as far as I know.

Also selling a Valravn located in Anka NPC

Buyout is 25 15 10 7.5 B

Still selling

Still selling this rare SKIN

Updated the post with Valravn + SKIN offer

This sleek SKIN and vertical supremacy hull is still looking for offers

Still looking for offers

Vertical Supremacy Leaders who missed out on Crimson Harvest Event, where are you?

Valravn sold. SKIN still available

SKIN still available. Looking for a reasonable offer.

Looking for buyers

Still selling. Open to offers

Get this remnant skin. Buyout price updated

Still sellin

Still selling this SKIN

SKIN still available. Only one of it exists as an item as far as I know.

Still sellin

Still selling. Willing to lower price.

This rare SKIN that’s unobtainable at the moment is still available

Still selling. Price is negotiable

Price reduced