WTS Vanquisher HULL SOLD

join gotg and dock in NC. keepstar in P3E-N…

http://evemaps.dotlan.net/range/Vanquisher,5/M-OEE8 u can ez dock this to aunenen…NETC public citadels on the route so


is this sold?

nope!Still for sale!

starting price is 350b because check microprocessors :slight_smile:

check ingame mails




price has been changed

I’m so confused here. So you’ve been trying to sell this for two months unsuccessfully and now you’ve … raised the price?

Incorrect.I didn’t try to sell this thing 2 months,it is in building state right now.Building will be finished after 27.01.

I also open for offers,of course!


edit: no starting price


to the top!!!

want to sell!

I would love to buy but I am way too poor for such. :slight_smile: wish you good luck in your sale! If you have old tiny hulls that would be good for a new corporation’s hangar, please send me a mail and I can maybe try to get some of them. Thank you!