WTS Vanquisher

Basgerin Keepstar 320b

The popestar!

do you want to sell,

Did you mail me? I didnt see any message. Yes for sale still.

how much where

Basgerin Keepstar 320b

im in branch。。

Yeah? Its not hard to move from one public keepstar to where you live. I dont have access there and wont be moving it at all.

and i want to use ships and isk to exchange

ISK only. Sorry.

stilling selling?

Yes I am…

Please give me its specific address

Please give me its specific address

Basgerin Keepstar

Can you trouble telling me which galaxies are in the game?

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i dont know where yousay barsgerin keepstar is

i cant get in this keepstar。what can you do about it

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You can get in here, its a freeport for all .