WTS Various 10/20 researched BPOS

ALL 10/20

Count Name Price Sold?
4 Life Support Backup Unit 166m 4/4 sold
2 Berserker I 20m 1/2 Sold!
2 Ogre I 20m 2/2 sold!
1 Merlin 50m Sold!
1 Heron 50m Sold!
1 Brutix 714m Sold!
1 Mantis I 450m Sold!
1 Malleus I 450m
1 Ametat I 450m
1 Firbolg I 350m
1 Equite I 350m Sold!
1 Templar I 350m Sold!
1 Einherji I 350m
1 Dragonfly I 350m
1 Praetor I 20m Sold!
1 Wasp I 20m
1 Kestrel 40m Sold!
1 Bantam 25m Sold!


bump! new bpos in stock and others going quick!

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