[WTS] Various capital skins in Jita 4-4

2x Revelation Imperial Jubilee Skin - 3.7b each
1x Avatar Headhunter Skin - 4b
Wyvern Blue Tiger Skin - 1.65b

All available on private contract in Jita 4-4

Avatar skin to this character please

Still for sale (Kanjus, please check evemail)

Skins still for sale!
Lowered and very competitive prices :slight_smile:

4b headhunter avatar

Quantities updated, still for sale

Skins still available, way below Jita sell prices :slight_smile:
Additional 50m discount on each skin available today!

Skins still for sale, competitive prices!

Quantities updated, prices lowered.
Get your unique skins now!

Still available!
Send me evemail for private contract

Skins still available, significantly lower than market prices :wink:

Still available, good prices!

Still selling

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