WTS Skins in Jita 4-4

All in jita 4-4 got some room for negotiation

Barghest Redclaw Sable - 2.4B
Thanatos Roden - 2.4B
Widow Iceblade - 1.8B
Vigilant IGC - 950M
Vargur Chainbreaker Khumaak - 2.4B
Typhoon Fleet Issue Cryptic Memesis - 1B
Typhoon Bloody Hands - 950M
Sin Iceblade Guerilla - 2.3B
Rifter Absent Heroes - 1.4B
Revelation Sarum - 750M
Revelation Lavacore - 2B
Redeemer Iceblade - 2.5B
Redeemer Fireblade - 3.4B
Nyx Interstellar Convergence - 3.9B
Marshal Iceblade Guerilla - 2.5B
Loki Dawn of Liberation - 1.5B
Ishtar Green Demons - 4B
Hel Sebiestor skin - 7.2B
Gila Scope Syndication - 1.2B
Confessor Eros Blossom - 4B
Aeon Lavacore - 6B


Bump! Prices are negotiable will come down under jita sale - msg me here, in game @ Atlas Wav or in discord. “Wave#9597”

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